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Liqui Moly Asia Pacific to implement first DigiThree next-level secured office solutions

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Amsterdam, Singapore , December 7, 2021DigiThree Labs, a leader in metaverse-ready, and blockchain-based enterprise solutions, and Liqui Moly Asia Pacific, a company Headquartered in Singapore specializing in the distribution of oils, lubricants and additives, today announce that they have entered into an agreement for the subscription of next-level secure solutions including P2P Video Communications, Ultra Secure Web Browsing and Quantum Safe Storage.

“On the wake of the recent announcement that DigiThree entered the market with their revolutionary, next-level secure solutions, this is a great moment for us to start to implement their unique and forward-facing solutions,“ said Brendan Ang, COO at Liqui Moly Asia Pacific. “It completely aligns with the LMAP IT strategy of smoothening our operations by using cloud services, but with the DigiThree blockchain-based solutions, we will regain 100% control of our own data while increasing cyber security to unprecedented levels.”

“By adding Liqui Moly Asia Pacific to our group of first customers we have the acknowledgement and proof that our solutions have a strong market fit” said Jozua van der Deijl, CEO at Digithree.

About Liqui Moly Asia Pacific

Liqui Moly Asia Pacific is distributing Liqui Moly Engine Oils and Additives produced by the globally renowned manufacturer of premium quality lubricants, motor oils, additives, vehicle care products, chemical repair tools, service products, glues and sealants. A global trademark for top quality that fills customers with enthusiasm. A worldwide brand, made in Germany.

About DigiThree Labs

DigiThree Labs is a partnership between ThreeFold and DigiCorp Labs, leveraging ThreeFold's decentralized cloud storage and compute technologies alongside the battle-tested DigiByte blockchain to provide enterprises with next-level security for a better tomorrow.

Download the full use case fact sheet below:

LMAP taps into DigiThree for next-level security
Download PDF • 105KB


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